Coloring Book Kids App Reviews

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White screen dilemma

Loved this app, but now it is useless since upgrading to iOS 6! Used it with my pre-school students as it was very versatile for different skill levels.......please update it soon!

Coloring book

WAS my girls favorite app on our new iPad...then after the upgrade to iOS 6, can't open it, getting only a white screen every time we attempt to launch :( Is there an email help service available? We all hope so..

iOS 6 Incompatible

Works great in iOS 5 but doesn't work at all after upgrading to iOS 6. Please update. Thanks!

Bad decisions. ADD COLOR FILL and progress-save

Don't be so narrow minded and lazy. LITTLE kids can use this app and begin to understand coloring book concepts much sooner and much easier with a color fill option. Cripes. And NO PROGRESS SAVING??? No undo/redo, no pinch/zoom. This app requires too much dexterity, tiny fingers. Ridiculous. My hunt continues... For a friggin coloring book that SAVES PROGRESS and lets my kids continue from where they left off. Why do so many of you coloring-book developers OMIT this simple feature?


Smooth painting!

The Best!

The Best!

Easy And Smooth



My kid loves this app

Great tool for kids

Let play with your kid ;)

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